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Software Testing Services

If you are looking for the High-quality performance of your app, then Manual testing is inevitable.

Manual testing is the most effective method for UI and User Acceptance Testing, Error Handling testing, Installation, and Security. Tests are implemented to verify that your software runs properly and without defects on each required platform.

Manual testing ensures the seamless performance of your app. It ensures the users perspective in mind and then does the testing accordingly. With manual testing, Even when testing for specific use cases, testers can still find bugs that they weren’t necessarily looking for.

That’s a big deal.For some projects, the majority of bugs are actually found by testers that were looking for something else entirely.

Automated testing can’t notice errors it wasn’t programmed to find.

Why do Manual Testing?

Humans are Analytical

Automation is too expensive for small projects

Manual testers can quickly produce customer caught errors

Manual testers know more about Users Perspective.

Mobile Testing Services we offer

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UI/UX testing

Manual Testings assures that your app has a user-friendly UI, incorporating key functions of the app and engaging UX, catering for positive user experience feedback. As a part of UX testing, our team also performs usability testing to ensure that the product is handy and easy-to-use for your target audience.

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Mobile App Functionality Testing

However attractive and engaging an app, users will reject it if the app crashes often or doesn’t’ work as thought. Our mobile testing team will reassure that your app, including backend functionality, works with accuracy and meets the users’ needs completely.

Mobile Apps we tests

Cross-platform apps (Xamarin, Cordova/PhoneGap, etc.)

Native apps (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)